Sosiaalipolitiikan päivät 2019: Konflikti
Joensuu, Itä-Suomen yliopisto 24.-25.10.2019

Social Policy Conference 2019: Conflict
Joensuu, University of Eastern Finland
on the 24th and 25th October 2019

Social and public policy processes are often seen to be a series of negotiations and compromises: seeking compromises between social classes and genders, holding consensus meetings and researching what kinds of social policy reforms citizens would find legitimate. At the annual Social Policy Conference 2019 in Joensuu on the 24th and 25th October, we will explore society and its policies through the theme of conflict. 

Conflicts are present in social structures, institutions and practices. In the media, conflicts are often portrayed in the form of wars, violence, racism, hate speech and riots. At the opposite end, there are everyday conflicts, for example, over who takes the children to daycare or whose responsibility it is to care for an elderly relative. Environmental change is precipitating tensions and conflicts at both local and global levels. Moreover, conflicts are interconnected: conflicts linked to economy, environment, equality, migration and social security are intertwined and transnationally connected.

Conflict is a dynamic starting point and a tool for social analysis. Conflict renders power relations as well as interests visible and shows that these can be changed. The current ethos of science considers discussions on conflict to be “negative” and, therefore, seeks for alternative topics. However, we can reach fruitful discussions on politics, i.e. the good and liveable life, also through the topic of conflict. In fact, a functioning democracy and a constitutional state require the acknowledgment of conflict. 

The plenary sessions of the Social Policy Conference 2019 will focus on conflict as both a theoretical and empirical topic that relates to everyday survival. The keynote speakers are Prof. Helma Lutz (University of Frankfurt) and PhD, Researcher Tero Toivanen (BIOS).


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