Sosiaalipolitiikan päivät 2019: Konflikti
Joensuu, Itä-Suomen yliopisto 24.-25.10.2019

Social Policy Conference 2019: Conflict
Joensuu, University of Eastern Finland
on the 24th and 25th October 2019

Program 24.– 25.10.2019

Thursday 24.10.

Metria building

11.00 Registration (Metria lobby)

12.30 Opening of the conference (M100)

12.45 Keynote: Helma Lutz (University of Frankfurt): Gendered care conflicts. (M100)

13.30 Keynote: Andrea Fumagalli (University of Padova): Life value, labour value, network value. Conflicts in bio-cognitive capitalism. (M100)

14.15 Discussion: chairs Laura Assmuth ja Jussi Vähämäki

14.45 Coffee break (Metria lobby)

15.15 – 18.00 Workshop sessions

Annual meeting of the Social Policy association

19.00 Dinner and party (Kerubi club)

Friday 25.10.

9.00 Workshop sessions

9.00 Small plenary

11.00 Lunch

12.15 Prize ceremony for the best Master’s thesis of the year

12.45 Synopsis: Survivors   

14.15 Invitation to the 2020 Annual Conference

14.30 Closing of the conference

Ennen päiviä järjestetään VASTUU-tutkijakoulu 23.10.19 Joensuussa

Ennen päiviä järjestetään pre-konferenssimatka Sortavalaan 23.-24.10.19